Halcyon Reflections®
I empower veterans, families, and communities to organize and preserve their stories through their personal documents, reflections, photos, and more so that they can leave legacies and not the clutter behind.


Connect and share your family legacies through your photos, documents, and memorabilia.


Reconnect pieces of a service history that help to tell the story of a veteran in your life.


Establish a community archive to preserve the unique stories of our Nation.
Hi! My name is Tina
I am a Story Organizer and Personal Archivist
Hello, I’m Tina, a proud retired Coast Guard veteran with a deeply rooted passion for the stories that define us. Inspired by my family’s service and driven by the regret of missed opportunities to preserve their stories of service and life, I have dedicated myself to the field of archives management for veterans, families, and small communities. I see stories everywhere - in inherited family photos, cherished memorabilia, or in the scattered pieces of a veteran's history. It's not just about organization; it's about connection, identity, and healing. My mission? To empower families, veterans, and communities to rediscover, preserve, and share their stories through their unique collections. My 3-step systematic approach, grounded in archival theory and prioritizing organization and curation, reveals the pieces that complete the puzzle of personal, career, or community legacies. It’s not just about decluttering; it’s about weaving generational connections and fostering self-identity and healing. Together, we'll tackle the overwhelm step by step, enabling you to confidently step into the role of the designated historian. No more feeling anxious or disconnected; it's time to curate, connect, and preserve your legacy for future generations.
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