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Oral Histories

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Custom Services to Preserve Stories

Whether you are downsizing or cleaning out an estate, Halcyon Reflections will help you preserve those stories that are part of the mosaic of your life and history.


How many boxes of photos, documents, memorabilia, and other items do you have stashed away that are pieces of your history?

Sorting and Organizing

Once you have a general inventory and a plan to move forward it’s time to start the sorting process.

Scanning and Digitizing

These days people are in a rush to scan everything but don’t create a digital mess from your physical assets.

Digital Asset Management

Part of the systematic approach to preservation is to ensure your files are organized and backed up.

Creating Lasting Memories

From beautiful memory books, video montages or something more unique, we will ensure you have those custom portfolios to hand down.

Our Mission

Preserve Stories

Plain and simple this is why we exist. We believe everyone has a story to preserve. We help you to curate those stories into memorable family treasures that can be passed down to future generations for years to come. Don’t leave your legacy up to fate, preserve your story now.



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