Halcyon Reflections®
I help you organize and preserve stories through your family, military, or community collections so that you can leave legacies and not clutter.


Connect and share your family legacies through your photos, documents, and memorabilia.


Reconnect pieces of a service history that help to tell the story of a veteran in your life.


Establish a community archive to preserve the unique stories of our Nation.
Hi! My name is Tina
I am a Story Organizer and Personal Archivist
I am a retired USCG veteran who is passionate about helping families, veterans, and communities rediscover and preserve their stories through their collections. Whether you have inherited your family photos, have collections of memorabilia, or are lost trying to piece together a family or veteran history I will help you process through your collections to make them accessible for generations to come. My 3-step process focuses on organization and curation before we create anything. I’ll guide you in the process and we will take it one step at a time. This systematic approach reveals the pieces that will become part of the larger puzzle of a personal, career, or community legacy. You will feel less anxious, disconnected, and overwhelmed and instead be empowered to step into the role of the designated historian to preserve and share your legacy for generations. If you don’t know where to start or how to get to the end result, I will help you.
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