Mastering Digital Photo Organization and Beyond

Create a digital photo organizing process using 6 basic principles to get past the overwhelm and feel confident that your photos are safe, organized, and useable. 

Use this crash course to jump start your project today!


6 Basic Principles

01 Goals and Budget

Learn about setting goals and establishing your budget. Create and manifest your vision of what you want your photo collection to become.

02 Inventory

Create an inventory of all the media and devices that are storing your digital photos. Get a handle on the scope of your project and get rid of all that outdated media that is at risk of data failure. 

03 Backup Solutions

Are you anxious about losing your photos? Create an effective backup strategy that brings together all of your files so that you can safely work on your collection without the added stress of data loss.

04 Information (Metadata)

Photos become meaningless over time without the stories attached. Learn methods to ensure the information stays with your photos.

05 Sorting and Organizing

Photo metadata can be a powerful tool in sorting and organizing your images in a variety of ways. Creating consistency in your folder structure and naming conventions can also greatly increase your organization. 

06 Use and Share

The possibilities are endless once you have an organized collection. Make photo books, gifts, cards and more with ease because your photos will be immediately accessible to use and share for generations. 


What Our Students Say

Enjoyed immensely! Great place to start and jump-start my interest. I am about to “inherit” thousands of family photos in addition to my own. I am overwhelmed! Thanks so much!

Excellent presentation in the time allotted. 

Wonderful! You gave me a place to start and a direction to go!

Well prepared. I learned some very worthwhile information. It was helpful for me to learn how to begin. I really want to have all my photos in one place so that I can access them easily! Thank you!


Frequently Asked Questions

Will this webinar be everything I need to organize my thousands of digital photos?

Probably not, this is an introduction to the process which can often take a lot of time and dedication. It is meant to provide you with some very basic principles to get started. 

What if I need more help?

There are a lot of stages in getting through a project like this. I’m always available for consultations at an hourly rate or I can provide a custom package for you when you need help.

Does this include my printed photos?

Not really, I always recommend your printed photos get organized and dealt with separately before you make them into digital images. You will eventually combine the two but for this webinar, we only deal with “born” digital images. Stay tuned for more courses in the future!

What if I have trouble with technology?

I try to ensure that I cover the basics but sometimes technology can be very challenging, to say the least. Don’t struggle and get frustrated, please reach out if you need extra help!

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