Preserve Veteran Stories with the Service Logook

The Service Logbook is not just a journal, it is the framework in which I have built the entire process of Preserving Veterans Stories. Choose the spiral-bound logbook and receive a free fillable PDF or choose the PDF-only version. It is the tool you need to get started!

001 Service Timeline

Map out your service timeline. This will make it easier during the sorting and organizing process!

002 Accessions

The start of military service. Where, when, and why. Use this section to list the branch of military service, date of entry, and your reflections.

003 Duty Stations

List out duty stations and events that help bring the story together. Changes in orders, awards earned, and collections of memorabilia will often follow the chronological order of service history.

004 Separation/Transition

This is the section to note the transition experience and the events surrounding separation. For those transitioning from active duty, it is an area to keep notes and references during the transition process. 

Service Logbook + free PDF download
Spiral Bound Printed copy of Service Logbook plus a fillable PDF copy
005 Health Care and Medical

Pages to track medical history and consolidate all the information that may be needed for the family. This can also be a great place to keep track of research notes. Medical records by the VA or military service branch can help piece together the story.

006 VA Benefits and Resources

Don’t leave your family searching for the resources they may need. Keep all your VA resources and information in one place along with any log-in passwords.

007 Legacy Disposition

Here you can list an inventory of your most prized possessions or a list of your friends that you would like notified upon your departure from this world. Use this section to note desires about military burials or disposition of tangible personal item.s

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