Curate your chapters of service history into a custom keepsake book

Transform your military clutter of documents, photos, memorabilia, and reflections into a keepsake that will be treasured for generations. For the veteran leaving the service or the family member working to ensure our military veteran’s history is preserved for generations, a legacy book withstands the test of time and technology. 

Escape the burden of the boxes of clutter and leave a legacy of service for future generations.

A pre-work starter package is required for this product and is non refundable. The starter package is a great package for DIY’ers or those wanting my custom designed career legacy books. $250


Basic Overview

Getting Started

Establish a goal and vision for your project. Bring all your collections out and sort them in chronological order.

Physical File System

Organize your collection into major events or by duty station.

Digital File System

Digitize your collection including photographing memorabilia, scanning your documents and photos, and writing down your reflections.

Transfer Your Files

Transfer your files to me using a hard drive or one of my preferred private cloud storage companies and I’ll take it from there.


What Our Clients Say

When I received the book I was floored, it was absolutely amazing and it turned out much better than I thought. 

We were continually amazed by the amount of research and passion put into our project.

Magnificent! That’s how we would describe the finished work on my Uncle Foster’s book.

It turned out pretty fantastic and she is quite gifted in what she does!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

Ideally, we hope to capture military history from those who have lived it, but that is not always possible, especially if those experiences are traumatic or left up to family members to figure out. I work with veterans, spouses, family members, and organizations dedicated to honoring our veterans and, if necessary, piecing together the things they left behind.

What materials are used in the military career legacy book?

Do you have documents, awards, research, memorabilia, photos, and other items from your service or a family member’s service? We include those in the book. Get the stuff out of the boxes and into a book that can bring meaning, context, and legacy into your service history.

How long does it take to complete the legacy book?

The timeline for completing your Military Service Legacy Book can vary depending on the amount of material and the level of detail you want to include. It also greatly depends on your time commitment and getting the material to me to complete the design and layout. I’ve worked with clients who finished it within a year and others who took about three years. My goal for you is to ensure you process your collections completely and efficiently and in a way that withstands time and technology.

Can I hand over everything for you to complete the pre-work?

Yes, if you have the budget for it, I can handle the entire process for you. By entrusting me with your collection, I will efficiently process, organize, scan, and preserve all your materials. This ensures high-quality images and a well-organized collection. Additionally, by thoroughly understanding and processing your materials, I gain insights that allow me to create a more personalized and meaningful legacy book for you.

How do I get started?

A pre-work starter package is required for this product and is non-refundable. The starter package is a great package for DIY’ers or those wanting my custom-designed career legacy books. 

Buy the Starter Package

 This package is the pre-work to create a custom legacy book. We work together to organize and gather all essential materials before we dive into crafting your personalized career legacy book. As your personal coach I ensure your materials are organized, scanned, and preserved in a way that makes creating the legacy book a seamless process. We finish up by establishing an estimate for your legacy book or create a project plan for you to DIY your own!

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