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I am a Story Organizer and Personal Archivist
After completing my service in the Coast Guard, I began reflecting on the influences that shaped my journey. My own desire to serve was sparked by my uncle’s service in the Coast Guard and the stories he told when I was very young. Tragically, his untimely death from a service-connected illness meant that his stories and history that influenced me were forever lost, as if carried away by the sea. This realization led me to dig deeper into my own and my family's collections. Far from mere decluttering, each photo, document, and piece of memorabilia breathed life into narratives lost in time. Piecing these stories together helped me better understand my generational identity and inspired me to help others rediscover their own family connections.
Now, armed with an MS in Library and Information Science with a concentration in Archives Management, I apply professional archival standards to help you curate and preserve your collections. In addition, my background in lifesaving and engineering from the Coast Guard provides a distinct perspective to ensure your collections work together as a system. As a system, everything must be organized, maintained, and available at a moment's notice to save lives. While your collections might not be saving lives in a direct sense, they save and preserve invaluable life history that can build connections, influence others, and shift perspectives. As a military veteran, you can trust me with your privacy, security, and most personal stories. I guide you in organizing and preserving your collections, making them available and accessible for generations to come. Every story, every memory, every snapshot in time has its perfect place in the larger narrative.
In the end, our stories are the legacies we leave behind. They are the connective threads that bind us to our past and provide a roadmap for future generations. Whether it's a military history, a family heritage, or a community's shared experience, I'm here to help you preserve it, one story at a time. Let's transform your clutter into a lasting legacy that inspires, connects, and empowers. Because your story is worth preserving, and it's time it found its perfect place in the world.
Service Solutions
  • Consulting 89% 89%
  • Organizing 95% 95%
  • Scanning and Digitization 85% 85%
  • Creative Design 80% 80%

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As my wife and I were preparing to move out of our house of 23 years, I found I had numerous awards and plaques that spanned my 43 year career as an active duty member and Civilian with the Coast Guard that was contained in multiple storage totes. I learned of Halcyon Reflections and of Tina, herself a retired member of the Coast Guard, and the services she offers. During our initial conversation she recommended I look into Forever.com, a company that specializes in online digital storage. I also looked into the services that Halcyon Reflections provided and decided to go with Tina's company. I'm sure there are many people doing what Tina does, but with her knowledge of the Coast Guard, I thought she would be the best. So after months of compiling all my documents, plaques and collectables, I scanned, photographed and uploaded them to Forever.com. From there Tina took my documents and created a magnificent book documenting my Coast Guard Career. When I received my book the first thoughts were WOW!!! This is great, I am so impressed. If someone is looking to document their career, I Highly recommend Tina and Halcyon Reflections.
Tom P.

“Magnificent! That’s how we would describe the finished work on my Uncle Foster’s book“.
~ Lori Schue

We knew that we’d be partnering with a professional who has exceptional artistic talent that meets deadlines and who has the attention to detail in the final product that we demanded. And the final product was just that, exceptional. Without question, we intend to work with Halcyon Reflections again in the future.
~Gary Thomas, CDR USCG (ret.) Executive Director, Foundation for Coast Guard History

It would be hard to find a more talented young businesswoman than Tina Claflin. She and I have worked on three major projects together and she has exceeded my expectations each time. Each one pertained to family stories and military memories and she definitely “gets” it. In addition to being smart and articulate and highly organized, she is creative and professional and has the necessary digital computer skills to bring each project to life. She actually listens and incorporates the ideas of her client, and also makes helpful suggestions of her own. Best of all, she treats each family history as though it was her own.
~ Eva Ann Long Graham, Author, Historian

I'm overwhelmed with the detail and quality of the work you did to preserve my memories! The organization is meticulous and your hard drive so easy to use. I've been able to pull together a meaningful collection with relative ease.
~ Sandy S.

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