Military Service Legacy Book Starter Package



    Preserve your professional journey and create a lasting impact with our Career Legacy Preparation Package. This starter kit is designed to help you organize and gather all essential materials before we dive into crafting your personalized career legacy book.

What’s Included

  • Initial Consultation: A one-hour session to understand your career highlights, significant achievements, and the vision for your legacy book.
  • Military Service Legacy Blueprint Course of Action Planner Workbook: A comprehensive workbook to guide you through the process of organizing and preserving your military service collections.
  • Three Monthly Zoom Coaching Sessions: One monthly session for three months, where I will coach you through my 3-step process to prepare all the necessary files and materials for your legacy book and keep you on track.
  • Guided Questionnaire: A comprehensive questionnaire to help you reflect on your career milestones, challenges, and successes.
  • Document Checklist: A detailed list of recommended documents and materials to gather, such as awards, certifications, photos, and personal reflections.
  • Organizational Tips: Expert advice on sorting and categorizing your documents for seamless integration into your legacy book.
  • Comprehensive Project Plan: A detailed plan outlining each step of the process, ensuring you stay organized and on track.

How It Works

  1. Purchase the Package: Start your journey by investing in the Career Legacy Preparation Package for $250.
  2. Receive the Workbook: Get your Military Service Legacy Blueprint Course of Action Planner workbook.
  3. Schedule the Consultation: Book your initial consultation to discuss your career history and goals.
  4. Complete the onboarding instructions: I’ll set you up with complete onboarding instructions and worksheets.
  5. Gather Your Materials: Use the document checklist and organizational tips to compile your materials.
  6. Attend Coaching Sessions: Participate in three monthly Zoom sessions to receive coaching and support through the 3-step process.
  7. Follow the Project Plan: Use the comprehensive project plan to stay organized and on track.
  8. Close Out and Next Steps: Book your closeout consultation and we will proceed with the next steps to create your legacy book.
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