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Transform your Coast Guard clutter of documents, photos, memorabilia, and reflections into an organized keepsake that will be treasured for generations. For the veteran leaving the service or the family member working to ensure our Coast Guard history is preserved for generations. This archives kit brings you through the overwhelm of boxes of military clutter to a personalized keepsake book on your bookshelf in less time and less stress. 

Neither the United States Coast Guard nor any other component of the Department of Homeland Security or the Department of Defense has approved, endorsed, or authorized this product.

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Basic Overview

Course of Action Planner

The Course of Action Planner and workbook will help you move past the overwhelm of organizing and preserving your military collection. Easy to follow and grounded in archival theory, this three-step process covers everything you need to know including all of my secrets to organization and preservation.

64 GB Personalized Media Drive

Pre-loaded with my File Folder System and worksheets to establish your organization framework. Personalized and private and helps you curate your collection so that you and future generations know where everything is!

Post Bound Scrapbook

This is the perfect option for putting together a curated collection of your service history. Personalized 12 x 12 Post-Bound Scrapbook with archival, acid-free pages. Print custom-designed pages and slide them in, or bring back the “Halcyon Days” of WWII era scrapbooking with your original photos and documents!


Service History Simplified

Charting the Course

From piles of paperwork and digital records to a streamlined story, our kit turns your military clutter into an organized, accessible legacy.

Navigate the Technology

Keep your service records, photos, and research in print and digital format. Our archives kit takes the overwhelm out of the challenges of technology.

Share Your Story

As simple as a scrapbook that showcases the story of your service. Your records, photos, and memorabilia are the clues to your service legacy.


Available to Ship by 2024-08-31
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a time limit on purchasing?

This package includes some personalized content in both the media drive and the scrapbook that I preload for you. Each item ships to me from three different print-on-demand suppliers before I ship it to you. To fulfill orders efficiently and cost effectively, I need to take advantage of several factors, including my time and fulfillment of bulk processing.

Will this package be available in the future?

I am considering making this package available quarterly, depending on the interest and feedback we receive from this initial launch. I will assess the demand and any feedback to ensure that what I offer effectively meets your needs and is sustainable for my business.

Can I purchase individual items separately?

For this first launch, I am not offering pieces separately. If you want multiple scrapbooks or media drives for additional family members but don’t need multiple workbooks, email me, and I’ll work that out for you through an invoice.

What support do you offer if I need help using the kit?

If you purchase this kit, you get my full 3-step process in the workbook. I have spent years developing and using this process for my clients who create custom-printed legacy books. You will also receive a support email with video instructions on the package and instructions on how to use the folder system that I set up in your media drive. I’m here for you whenever you need it!

What if I'm not a "scrapbooker" or creative?

Trust me, I am not an embellishment kind of creator. This is meant for you to curate your collection into a manageable legacy. Something your family will cherish and understand. It’s about picking out the pieces that tell your story and going from overwhelmed to done in as little as a weekend.

Is there a return policy or satisfaction guarantee?

Due to the personalized nature of the kit, all sales are final. However, I strive for the satisfaction of all our customers. If there are any issues with your kit, please contact me immediately, and I’ll work with you to resolve them.

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